Prayer to heal the wounds caused by racism

God please heal every wound caused by racism

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. -Luke 8:17

God, it hurts to see so much racial tension bubbling to the surface in America.

But we thank You for our growing awareness of the inequality, which still persists after all these years.

Today we ask for Your healing presence to be with every man, woman and child, who has been seared by the racist remarks, attitudes and actions of others.

You know the heart of each individual, who has lost a loved one, career opportunity, relationship or sense of safety due to the hateful way they’ve been treated because of their skin color.

You know the wounds and how deeply they are buried; You know the limiting beliefs that are rooted in trauma; You know the mistakes born of pain; and You know the fear that steals peace.

But most importantly, You know the great love, miraculous healing and abundant life You have planned for each of these individuals.  

Today, we ask that You ease their minds.

Replace traumatic memories with a greater sense of Your healing presence.

Remind them of their inherent worth as one of Your beloved creations.

Give them a sense of Your steadfast love through it all.

Pour Your infinite peace into their souls.

Increase their spiritual connection with You, so they can draw on Your strength in every moment.

Give them the grace to forgive.

Free their hearts from the burden of carrying resentment and fear.

Replace their worries with trust in Your perfect provision, which they can depend on in all circumstances.

Make reparations for every good thing that has been stolen from them emotionally and physically.

Flood them with gifts that restore their souls; draw them closer to You in meaningful ways.

Create in them a profound resilience, wisdom and strength.

Transform their suffering into mercy and compassion that ripples out to others, making the world a better place.

Inspire them with a vision of hope and optimism for the future.

Pave a path for their dreams to come true, and guard them from any future harm.

In Jesus name, we pray.

What have your experiences with racism been? What healing are you praying for today? Comment below, and we’ll lift you up in prayer! 

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