An invitation to believe

I can’t carve rich canyons out of plain brown deserts

or paint starry skies with aurora borealis.

I don’t have the genius to invent pudgy baby fingers

or the joy of squishy pug dog faces.

I certainly can’t draw crowds of believers to me or

create safe pathways through a raging sea.

I don’t know how to heal the ravages of chronic disease

or multiply your humble offerings …

I can’t do any of these things, but I know who can.

And I can call to Him from where I stand.

He’s always waiting with a heart full of unconditional love

and a giant bag of miracles,

ready to lavish His grace on me.

I can praise Him with my words;

I can invite His Spirit to live in the depths of my being;

I can stand in His truth like a fortress;

I can love Him with my entire being.

And maybe by sharing my faith,

I can help you trust Him a little more too.




A reminder to believe in miracles

I’ll never understand how you stopped believing.

The sun is shining, and your shades are drawn tight.

Why are you curled up in a ball on the couch,

when lavender breezes are right outside,

waiting to gently tickle you back into the flow of Life?

The full moon illuminates even the night,

but you hide in the shadows  –

bogged down in the mist,

I can’t imagine why.

There is a glistening ethereal reality singing your name.

It’s calling you right now …

Can you hear it in your children’s playful voices?

What about your bounding, smiling dog?

It’s like a radio with heavenly stations at your fingertips;

and you’re tuned into static instead of Love.

Can you at least try twisting to hope for a little while?

I want you to hear the melody of God.

I want you to dance to the tune of His miraculous healing power.

I’m telling you, it’s been there all along …

calling you out of darkness…

You were never really alone.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blind –

The Sun will rise again,

And you can be there to see it this time.

Even you can come back to life.

What’s stopping you?

lavender (64)