An invitation to believe

I can’t carve rich canyons out of plain brown deserts

or paint starry skies with aurora borealis.

I don’t have the genius to invent pudgy baby fingers

or the joy of squishy pug dog faces.

I certainly can’t draw crowds of believers to me or

create safe pathways through a raging sea.

I don’t know how to heal the ravages of chronic disease

or multiply your humble offerings …

I can’t do any of these things, but I know who can.

And I can call to Him from where I stand.

He’s always waiting with a heart full of unconditional love

and a giant bag of miracles,

ready to lavish His grace on me.

I can praise Him with my words;

I can invite His Spirit to live in the depths of my being;

I can stand in His truth like a fortress;

I can love Him with my entire being.

And maybe by sharing my faith,

I can help you trust Him a little more too.




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