Own your sensitivity

It’s crazy, but it’s true –

I have to warn you.

They’ll literally try to talk you out of being yourself.

they’ll go to dramatic lengths to complete this task-

It’s like they have an advertising campaign specifically designed to silence you, but

don’t let them fool you.

Trust me:

There is no such thing as being too sensitive.

It’s impossible to feel things too deeply

or care about people too much.

You can’t be too loving or kind or gentle.

These are just fairy tales they make up.

They try to silence us, so

they don’t have to do the hard work of opening their hearts too.

You can love them,

but you have to protect yourself.

You can forgive them,

but you cannot let them steal your voice.

It takes courage to have a soft heart in a hard world.

It takes consciousness to stand in the truth that we’re the brave ones.


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