Just a Reminder: Every prayer matters

Like smooth stones skipping, every prayer has a ripple effect. Love creates invisible waves of grace that change everything. Saint Augustine said “Faith is to believe what you do not see; The reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” We certainly don’t always see the ripple effect of our prayers right away, and […]

Inner Workout: Cultivating a deeper prayer life

In the beginning, prayer can feel like digging trenches- hard and tedious. What’s the point? But if you stick with prayer long enough, it can become more like discovering a secret passage … a river, flowing deep beneath our ordinary lives. You can bathe in healing waters and allow God to peacefully deliver you into His promise for your […]

Spiritual Journey: When you’re struggling to believe in the power of prayer

You’re not wasting time … You’re not living in a fantasy… You’re not leaving the real work for someone else. When you open your heart in prayer, you enter an invisible battlefield not everyone knows about. It takes courage to stand in faith against the darkness – I hope you persevere in the light. Your […]