Simple Faith: Believe in what you can’t see

Faith is the ability to walk blindfolded across a tight rope. We need reminders that it’s possible to have unshakable confidence in nonphysical senses. How else could we ever traverse the narrow rope that lead to God? Impossible trust is a gift He wishes everyone would ask for.  

Floodgates Prayer (for openness to receive more graces)

Heavenly Father, You are a roaring waterfall of infinite power and glory flowing into the world- I adore you, but I struggle to feel worthy of Your graces. By the power of Your Spirit, wash away my resistance to accepting the outpouring of wonders You have planned for me. Dissipate any doubts that block you from flowing […]

Spark prayer (for faith in dark times)

Lord, I will stand strong for You. I will not give in to this looming darkness, but I can only shine so far on my own. I want to be a blaze of Your brilliance in the night of this world. Lord, stoke the fire of Your love in my soul. Lengthen me, strengthen me, […]