Spark prayer (for faith in dark times)

Lord, I will stand strong for You.

I will not give in to this looming darkness,

but I can only shine so far on my own.

I want to be a blaze of Your brilliance in the night of this world.

Lord, stoke the fire of Your love in my soul.

Lengthen me, strengthen me, expand my ability to bear light …

Ignite Your power in the core of my being.

Fan the flames of my faith, so it is capable of parting seas …

I want faith that can move mountains and forgive atrocities.

I want faith that connects me to the magic of invisible realities.

I want faith that heals and creates miracles that reshape how we think.

I want faith so tall that evil sees me and shrinks.

I want faith so hot lies melt before they can touch me.

I want faith to hear God’s voice and go wherever it leads …

I want the gift of tremendous, luminous belief in You, Lord.

I want it burning in my heart for Your glory-

and I trust You will deliver.

Thank You in advance.

I will light fires all over the world if You give me the grace. (18)


3 thoughts on “Spark prayer (for faith in dark times)

  1. Michael Havercamp

    Beautiful. Powerful. Seas are parting. Lies are melting. Darkness is fleeing. Keep “sparking” prayers and igniting our faith!!!


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