Simple Faith: Open up into the Light

Like a flower blooms into fulfillment, so can your heart. Where is the Light in your life? What high force is calling you to open up? Are you facing the right direction? Is something standing between you and the illumination you need? Are you spending enough time basking in pure love?   In the same […]

Simple Faith: Believe in what you can’t see

If we could see the glistening threads of grace, the translucent stitches, and the angels zipping around making sure everyone holds together, we would realize this seemingly chaotic world is actually united by strands of pure love, crafted by the hand of God with wisdom beyond our capacity to fully appreciate.   written by Nicky Gant 3/2/2018 […]

Simple Faith: Tune into the melody of the soul

I was good enough at doing the tap dance of the world – I knew how to hustle and please and survive. But when I noticed a more ethereal melody rising up from the depths of my being like a sunrise … As soon as I experienced perfect harmony and a mysterious connection to the […]