Prayer for healing of the DNA

Jesus, You are the ultimate genius, who healed the sick with Your unconditionally loving presence, while You walked the earth.

Your power is high above even the very best medical practitioners. All the  mysteries of science point to Your ultimate glory and power over all created things.

I am convinced that You are Perfect Love and Total Healing Power as much today as You ever were.

Thank You for being the Divine Physician of infinite possibilities for our souls.

Thank You for the Majestic presence of Your Holy Spirit in our lives.

Thank You for the glorious plans You have for each and every one of us.

Today, I choose to place all of my hope and trust in You.

I want to invite Your Infinite Healing Presence into every cell of my body.

Please flow the light of Your love into the very structure of my DNA.

Shape and form even the most hidden, deep and secret parts of my genetic make-up,

which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Heal all negative family patterns of emotional and physical problems,

and replace them with a pattern of deep and abiding wellness,

which is reflective of Your Divine Love.

Give all future generations the grace to be defined only by Your highest holy will

and plans for them,

that we may be formed ever closer to Your image and likeness

and ever more capable of doing Your healing work in the world.

In Jesus name,


Are you dealing with issues related to family patterns and genetics? Comment below, and we will lift you in prayer for healing! 

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  1. Joseph

    My 4weeks son was diagnosed of down syndrome. Jesus healed genetical issues in his time. I beseech Him of this mercy today concerning Ephraim (My sons) healing.

  2. sarah

    Brother in Christ.
    iam sarah a retired unmarried teacher.suffering with generation curse.please pray for me and my family members.i found my twin flame but not yet met her pray for that also

  3. Temi Michelle Anokwu

    Please pray for daughter, let God show her mercy and fill her with Wisdom remove inherited foolishness and indiscretions.
    Deliver her from every inherited defect in her DNA.
    Lord save her from a reprobate mind and let her mind be renewed.

  4. Ms Pranima Brahma

    Patient name:- Mrs Pranima Brahma
    Place:- State-Assam, District-Kokrajhar, Village- No. 1 Chitaunaguri
    Suffering from/Diseases:-Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis,Spine bone fracture, Anaemia, Liver abnormal, whole body acute pain, burning and swelling, Weak of bones,Weak of body and Pain killer medicine overdose side effects.
    Please pray for my completely healing 🙏

  5. Ngitir Jonas

    I am Jonas
    I live in Cameroon. I lost my daughter Darian Trinna five months ago and my son Jonsveen is seriously sick diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy. I am broke inside and even financially as we live with not up to $4 a day here in Cameroon couple with the anglophone war.
    Please I need your prayers I don’t want to loose my only son Jonsveen. Please pray for him . He is 13 years old.

  6. Ally

    Prayer of powerful healing for Aliyah, she’s my 6 mo old daughter and has been diagnosed with a genetic mutation that causes seizures and can limit her physical and cognitive development. I believe that that the ultimate physician, is in control of her prognosis and development- and that the God who created the heavens and the earth and spoke us into existence can correct her DNA 🧬 and turn what the devil meant for evil to good and restore her to full health!
    if the dead are brought to life, the blind given sight and the impaired able to walk again God is not limited in his miracles, please pray & believe with with us for Aliyah’s miraculous and powerful healing 🙌🏽 & restoration

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