Justice Prayer (For victims of sexual assault)

Lord, there is a time for mercy, and there is a time for justice!

Please rise up a tidal wave of truth and shine a light on all those, who have perpetuated any kind of sexual crime including verbal harassment, molestation, rape and sexual assault.

Bring perpetrators to the fullness of justice.

Hold them accountable legally and emotionally for the pain they’ve caused innocent people.

Take away their  positions of power in the world and by any means, prevent them from ever committing another sexually violent act, verbally or physically.

Take the burden of shame, silence and secrecy off of the innocent victims and place it squarely onto the shoulders of the perpetrators, where it belongs.

Bring them to their knees in the fullness of shame and sorrow to realize the horrific pain they’ve caused and the lives they have destroyed.

Give them the grace of true, lasting, deep and authentic repentance  to be forever changed in heart, mind, attitude and habit.

Surround them with the support they need to transform into the person You created them to be so they can begin to make amends for all the wrongs they have committed.

In Jesus name we pray,


Are you a survivor of sexual assault? Please comment below, and we’ll lift you in prayer for healing and justice! 



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