Justice Prayer (For victims of sexual assault)

Lord, there is a time for mercy, and there is a time for justice!

Please rise up a tidal wave of truth and shine a light on all those, who have perpetuated any kind of sexual crime including verbal harassment, molestation, rape and sexual assault.

Bring perpetrators to the fullness of justice.

Hold them accountable legally and emotionally for the pain they’ve caused innocent people.

Take away their  positions of power in the world and by any means, prevent them from ever committing another sexually violent act, verbally or physically.

Take the burden of shame, silence and secrecy off of the innocent victims and place it squarely onto the shoulders of the perpetrators, where it belongs.

Bring them to their knees in full realization of the horrific pain they’ve caused and the lives they have destroyed.

Give them the grace of true, lasting, deep and authentic repentance to be forever changed in heart, mind, attitude and habit. Surround them with the support they need to transform into the person You created them to be so they can begin to make amends for all the wrongs they have committed.

In Jesus name we pray,


Are you a survivor of sexual assault? Please comment below, and we’ll lift you in prayer for healing and justice! 



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  1. Anonymous

    Prayer for Mikayla (12 years old) and Ineke (her mom) after both being raped by three men. Going through medical treatment to make sure they don’t get Aids.

  2. Anonymous

    Please pray for me. I am a rape victim. I’m having a hard time looking for female lawyer to handle my case. Please pray for me to have strength in this times. Please pray for me so I can win this battle and justice and truth will prevail. In Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Anonymous

    Today is September 21,it’s my deceased mothers Birthday..Please Pray for the soul of my mother Eva C…her life was full of sacrifice. She lived a martyrs life…and was a victim of assault in all ways!
    She was divorced from my father,due to my father having a military injury to the brain,and body. My father had PTS,and was violent.My mother was afraid of him,he did assault her,in front of his brother. Right after the divorce my mother had a brother who was in military and suffered a cranial car collision,in a jeep with another solider..A friend of the family offered to take her to the hospital, and that was how she was attacked. As soon as she found herself pregnant she,had to leave her family,and go to live with a family in-law. Leaving all she had,behind,to keep the pregnancy a secret,and i assume from my father,and his family,to prevent shame,to everyone.She met my step father,while she was pregnant,and they got married.She had the child,from this rape, and kept it,and she adored him.
    But she suffered many insults, at the hands of her in-laws who never knew why my step dad married her, but they chose never to tell them. My step dad adopted my brother,and loved him as his own.His parents thought his wife was a loose women,pregnant before marriage,and divorced,this was not acceptable for there son. I remember one day his father came to see her,and i heard him call her whore. My mother was crying, I was only a child,but being her first born,i knew something was wrong.She cried a lot through out my life,and was severely depressed, even after going to therapy. She later had cervical cancer,and then lost one child to brain cancer. this was the last thing,and it caused the loss of her spirit. After the loss of my brother,she then fell to alcoholism.
    I recognize the effect of this demonic act over a women,but my mother,loved my brother till her dyeing day- the child that God gave her. This taught me that life is precious,at no matter the cost. Fyi… She died ,today on the same day she was born…September 21st. Please pray for Eva C. my beloved mother. Thank you

  4. Michelle

    I was sexually abused by my ice hockey coach. Please pray for justice and that George cannot harm any other young girl. I am now 21, and the legal stuff is still ongoing

  5. Anonymous

    February 2021
    prayers for Han my 18 year old daughter studying in Seoul was raped by a group of men. Please pray for her and arrest for the criminals.

  6. Anonymous

    Victim of sexual abuse as a child, also as an adult, have a stalker from 21 years old to now 31 years old. Please pray the stalking ends. Amen

  7. l

    Spiritual sexually assault/Rape is so difficult to define. Your body feels the effects but you can’t see what is happening.
    I lift all those who suffer to God and ask you to include them in your prayers.

    Thank you

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