The illuminated path

I may never know, whose prayers first lit

the path beneath my feet.

But I think the best thank you note

is to march on,

illuminating the journey for others as I go.

In a sense, we each must walk alone.

Yet we’re always connected,

through the intentionality of our souls. (72)


American Soul

Have you found true spiritual freedom?

I think my soul is getting too big for this place

It’s like trying to fit a magenta sunrise over the pacific ocean
with fluffy marshmallow clouds and the joy of leaping of dolphins

into a tiny

And I don’t want anyone to try and drink
a squished version of me
or even take a tiny sip that doesn’t reflect my diversity.

I know who I am
and how long it took for me to become this radiant, enormous being

How many times did the volcano have to erupt before it created this island of my soul?
I stopped counting and surrendered into the Fire bigger than myself,
flowing out of myself.

It wasn’t my plan, it burned.
But I survived,
and here I am like the radiant dawn herself.

Now that it’s time for palm trees, cool evening breezes and wild flowering trees,
I don’t even need time anymore
or ballot boxes,

at least not to tell me who I am.

I know
politics can’t contain this love in me,
this compassion.
That tiny list of who I can vote for is a joke.

As if I could choose between unborn babies and refugees or teenage mothers with no support, who are scared to death and make a choice. Don’t get me started about the prisoners on death row …

What happened to them to stunt their growth?

I just want them ALL to come to my shores.
I want everyone to feel the breeze of Truth and Mercy that blows here
and sustained me through my own trial-filled years.
I want them to be still and rest quietly,
listening to the waves of love crashing on my rocky coastline.
I want them to bask under the gorgeousness of my stars
and begin to get a sense of their own inherent vastness.

Will I erupt again?
I don’t know,
I am not in control of this life I’ve been given,

But I have noticed how much bigger I’m getting …
I don’t fit here anymore,
It’s like trying to squeeze the size of  purple mountain majesty into a tiny box
with a check mark on it …

I am open for more.

I’m outgrowing this,
but I’m not going anywhere,
And you can’t move me either.

I’m too big for politics
but just the right size for grace
and Truth that can move mountains and create whole new spaces.

You don’t need a plane ticket or freedom, food, water or shelter to rest on my shores.
You don’t even need to know about me.
My heart is open like an island rose,
and YOU are here in my prayers, which are powerful.

I look forward to watching you grow.

I wrote this trying to reconcile all of my feelings about the goodness of America in contrast to the the way our political landscape has divided our nation to such a dramatic degree. I invite you to reflect on where your own spirituality fits in with your politics. I also invite you to reflect on ways you can begin to help be a healer and a peacemaker in these troubled times. Are you willing to reach out to someone, whose beliefs are different than yours to try and find common ground? Are you willing to see the best in others, even when you don’t agree? Are there ways you can bring more of God’s healing love into our troubled world? 

God please bless our nation to truly be guided by Your Highest Truth, Mercy and Unconditional Love always! Heal us, bring us together as one for the common good and Your Glory. Amen. 

Copywrite Nicky Gant 2/2/2017

Prayer for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth

God bless our young people, who are struggling with their sexual orientation.

The teen years are hard enough without additional confusion, pressure or negativity!

Please bless our LGBT teens in a special way to know Your unconditional perfect love for them through these formative years.

Protect them from judgments, rejection and bullying.

Shield them from hatred and violence.

Guard their hearts from anyone who would make them feel rejected by You, due to this part of who they are. 

Help them to know You as the merciful, compassionate loving God You are.

Bless them to know they are worthy of a love and belonging, just like everybody else.

Surround them with accepting, supportive people, who can show them Your love in powerful ways that help them feel secure and confident as they make important choices for their life. 

Protect their innocence.

Guide them down a healthy road of love and wholeness.

Lead them to trusted mentors, who can help them process any pain or confusion they are going through. 

Help them to see how unique, gifted and precious they are in Your eyes.

Bless them with true friendships.

Inspire their families to show them Your unconditional love and support.

Bless their faith communities to be a safe haven for them to grow closer to You.

Be with them always, as they journey through life.

Who are you praying for today? Share in the comments below, and we’ll pray right along with you. What challenges are you facing as a LGBT teenager? 

God bless anyone who is contemplating suicide

God bless anyone who is contemplating suicide

God, there is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out a loved one has taken their own life.

Too often in our humanity, we do not see each other’s pain until it’s too late.

But You know our hearts. You see those of us, who are losing hope.

You sense their desperation.

You know the deep roots of their anguish, even as they try to hide it from everyone around them. 

And You love them with a purely unconditional love.

We know You want to free them from this sorrow!

With our prayers, can you please reach out to them in a special way today?

Help the people around them sense of the gravity of the situation.

Inspire the right words and gestures, which will touch their heart.

Fill them with a glimmer of hope and just enough courage to reach out for help. 

Guide them to the right doctors, treatment facilities and medications.

Grace their counselor with the wisdom to support them through this dark time.

Surround them with role models, who have become wiser and more faith-filled after going through dark times of their own.

Help them to cling to You through this storm.

Keep them afloat with every possible consolation, encouragement and comfort. 

And over time, heal them on the deepest possible level.

Free their spirits from sorrow, so they are more aware of Your peace than they ever have been.

In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

**If you (or someone you care about) is contemplating suicide, please know there are people who care about you, who can help. For more information, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours per day at 1-800-273-8255. 

Please comment below, and lift you or your loved one up in prayer!