Special Blessing for a Graduate (with free printable version)

The gift I want to give you is already yours.

Written in the stars from the beginning of time,

hinted at by the warmth of sunshine

and the infinite depths of ocean,

swelling up all around you in the loving hearts

of those who have guided you this far.

What I want you to have

has always been yours.

Can you feel the Spirit that lives in you and all around you?

Can you hear the angels whispering invitations in the breezes?

Can you sense the endless possibilities God has planned for your life?

As you step into this crazy adult world,

I want you to know your goals are small,

compared to His dreams for you.

I pray you have the courage to open your heart wide

into the fullness of life He has planned for you.

I hope you root yourself so deeply in love

that you are free to say a wholehearted yes

to every opportunity

for adventure that comes along.

I want you to always remember who you are

and who is looking out for you.

I pray you always trust the invisible King,

who is working powerfully

behind the scenes on your behalf.

I hope you always say yes to His miraculous invitations

and stretch yourself to fully embrace

the big life he has planned for you.

Whatever challenges you face,

I pray you always remember

you have never been alone, and you never will be.

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