God bless anyone who is contemplating suicide

God bless anyone who is contemplating suicide

God, there is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out a loved one has taken their own life.

Too often in our humanity, we do not see each other’s pain until it’s too late.

But You know our hearts. You see those of us, who are losing hope.

You sense their desperation.

You know the deep roots of their anguish, even as they try to hide it from everyone around them. 

And You love them with a purely unconditional love.

We know You want to free them from this sorrow!

With our prayers, can you please reach out to them in a special way today?

Help the people around them sense of the gravity of the situation.

Inspire the right words and gestures, which will touch their heart.

Fill them with a glimmer of hope and just enough courage to reach out for help. 

Guide them to the right doctors, treatment facilities and medications.

Grace their counselor with the wisdom to support them through this dark time.

Surround them with role models, who have become wiser and more faith-filled after going through dark times of their own.

Help them to cling to You through this storm.

Keep them afloat with every possible consolation, encouragement and comfort. 

And over time, heal them on the deepest possible level.

Free their spirits from sorrow, so they are more aware of Your peace than they ever have been.

In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

**If you (or someone you care about) is contemplating suicide, please know there are people who care about you, who can help. For more information, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours per day at 1-800-273-8255. 

Please comment below, and lift you or your loved one up in prayer! 



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