Prayer for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth

God bless our young people, who are struggling with their sexual orientation.

The teen years are hard enough without additional confusion, pressure or negativity!

Please bless our LGBT teens in a special way to know Your unconditional perfect love for them through these formative years.

Protect them from judgments, rejection and bullying.

Shield them from hatred and violence.

Guard their hearts from anyone who would make them feel rejected by You, due to this part of who they are. 

Help them to know You as the merciful, compassionate loving God You are.

Bless them to know they are worthy of a love and belonging, just like everybody else.

Surround them with accepting, supportive people, who can show them Your love in powerful ways that help them feel secure and confident as they make important choices for their life. 

Protect their innocence.

Guide them down a healthy road of love and wholeness.

Lead them to trusted mentors, who can help them process any pain or confusion they are going through. 

Help them to see how unique, gifted and precious they are in Your eyes.

Bless them with true friendships.

Inspire their families to show them Your unconditional love and support.

Bless their faith communities to be a safe haven for them to grow closer to You.

Be with them always, as they journey through life.

Who are you praying for today? Share in the comments below, and we’ll pray right along with you. What challenges are you facing as a LGBT teenager? 

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