Prayer for you to encounter God’s extraordinary love in ordinary moments


I pray

your ordinary moments

are drenched

in the extravagant,


shimmering abundance

of your Creator,

who loves you



I pray you recognize

the miracle

of His presence

all around you,

in your heart

and overflowing through you

into the world.

Has the presence of God ever snuck up on you in an ordinary moment, where you could feel His grace, presence and love in an extraordinary and life-changing way? I would love to hear your stories of personal encounter with the Lord in the comments below! How does God’s love flow through you into others throughout your daily life?

Lord help us to encounter your extraordinary love in the ordinary moments of our lives. Help us to realize your extravagant presence with us throughout the mundane tasks of everyday life. Help us realize the great meaning of our acts of love and service, when they are genuinely done in prayerful union with You. In Jesus name, we pray.

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written by Nicky Gant for 5/3/2020

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  1. A big change in my spiritual life occurred when I realized that there are no ordinary moments with God.
    A book I read : ‘The Practise of the Presence of God’, by Brother Lawrence, brought me to the realization that it is in the present moment that we encounter God. Every breath we take is a chance to love him more, and grow closer to him.🤗

      1. Hi Nicky !
        I appreciate your perspective so much ! Staying in the moment is where we meet God. The book by Brother Lawrence is a spiritual classic.
        The other book that I read every day which also reminds us of the peace that comes from simply resting in the Lord, and knowing that we are his beloved is :
        ‘Jesus Calling ‘, by Sarah Young. 🤗

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