Prayer to protect the innocence of children

Lord, You are our Heavenly Father and Protector.

Thank You for always being present in our lives and the lives of our precious loved ones.

In this dark world, please guard our children’s hearts and minds from all negative influences, which would draw them away from You.

Fill their lives with faithful, supportive friends.

Bless them with encouraging teachers, mentors and coaches, who truly have their best interests at heart.

Surround them with authentic, inspiring role models to look up to. 

Guide them to positive learning materials, activities and entertainment, which draw them ever closer to Your light.

Guard their hearts and minds as they navigate social dynamics and them internet. Keep them safe physically and emotionally wherever they go.

Give them the grace to sense Your presence with them, so they can hear Your angel whispers and guidance in their hearts.

Keep their hearts pure and their paths clear.

Lead them in Your ways and protect them from temptation always, that they may live to do Your will and experience Your grace in their lives always.

In Jesus name,


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