What I loved about taking my kids to serve the poor

They dragged their heels, they complained. They made excuses and tried to get out of it, but I’m glad I followed through and had my 10 and 8 year old sons come with me to help serve meals to the poor at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving weekend.

My kids are incredibly fortunate in every way and in spite of my best intentions, they’re probably a little spoiled. I want them to learn to be grateful even when they aren’t getting their way, and I want them to learn to think of others, work hard and gain a broader perspective of what’s important in life. I want them to learn to be true followers of Christ .

Even though they were genuinely nervous and intimidated by some of the people from different walks of life, who came through the line, I loved seeing them stretch their comfort zone to help strangers. I also loved seeing them muscle through the manual labor of drying dish after dish. Maybe most of all, I loved introducing them to the inspiring people, who gather to provide meals for those in need on a regular basis.

They didn’t love the experience, and I know they’ll probably resist it again next time I have them come with me. They have a long way to go to become the giving, generous men I am raising them to be, but I am grateful I for the opportunity to plant seeds in their hearts of what is important in life. I want them to feel proud knowing that they can do uncomfortable, hard things to help others.

God bless our kids with a servant’s heart! Give them a spirit of gratitude for all their blessings and generosity in helping others. 

What kinds of service projects to you involve Your kids in?  Please share ideas below, and I’ll lift your project up in prayer! 

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