Spiritual Journey: When we think our prayers aren’t being answered …

When we’re too busy grieving unanswered prayers to notice,

God shifts the winds and the tides.

Ever so gently, He redirects the course of our lives…

steering us toward a more gorgeous horizon than we dreamed of.

Even while we’re oblivious to His guiding presence …

as our tears overflow,

the ocean swells up beneath us-

speeding our progress toward this Glorious Light.

We’ll never trust Him enough to deserve these graces-

He knows exactly what He’s doing, and we’re clueless.

I wish I could describe the beauty He’s moving us towards!

Radiance like the dawn of creation.

Pure Mercy, Unfathomable Brilliance.

I want you to know heartache can’t stop God’s plan for your life –

Look for Him in the winds, and listen for His whispers …

He’s with you, and before long

I hope you realize it.

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