Simple Faith: Cultivate a spirit of unity

Equally Adored

When God created each of us

in His divine image,

He had plenty of yarn left over.

He wants to knit

us back together again,

into communion with each other.

Why do we keep stopping Him?

It’s silly to argue over differences,

when we’re all loved equally

by the same Father,

whose greatest desire is union

with each of us.

3 Responses

  1. You are so right. I recently went to a seminar on the Ismaili Muslim community, just to grow my sense of understanding for other cultures and religions. One belief they had really resonated with me and it is something I believe in my core as well. God placed us all over the earth for us to learn from each other and growing through a collective consciousness. We are here to learn and grow from each other through different cultures, belief systems, and reigions. You are so right that he/she/it wants us to be woven together as a single unit, with all of our beautiful differences adding to the beautiful colors of the world!

    1. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts! Sounds like a neat seminar. I have a very sweet neighbor / mama friend, who happens to be Muslim. I have a lot of compassion for her community in the fears/predjudices they face in our society right now. I think as people of faith, we need to work together to show God’s love to each other, regardless of the details of belief systems. I also think God cares more about the love in our hearts than the thoughts/ideas we’ve been conditioned with. Bless you on your spiritual journey! I really appreciate your input

      1. I wholeheartedly agree. It is all about having love and compassion for others as well as ourselves. To live with strong moral and ethical standards, regardless of your religious affiliation. I have a lot of compassion for their struggle as well and that was part of the reason I wanted to be educated on their culture and religion. So I would have an unbiased view of the community, and it was truly mind opening. I wish more people would educate themselves on the beliefs of others, they would be pleasantly surprised at how much we all have in common!!

        Also, I sincerely love the positivity of your blog. What a great input to the blogging community!! ❤️

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