Glimmers of heaven

I used to wonder
about the darkness.
I was obsessed with
how it consumed
some people
and transformed them
into cold cruelty,
unyielding hardness.
The answers settled into my bones
as shadows,
textures of despair-
thick hopelessness,
futility like a fog.
What’s the point of shining
in this world?

Now I wonder
about the light.
I marvel at the beauty
of a sunrise,
glints of radiance
dancing on the ripples
of ocean tide,
giggles that flow freely
from the heart of a child.
Sincere gestures,
moments of pure connection.
The answers flood my soul
with fireflies,
hints of eternity-
star shine, God.
Now my question is:
How can I paint more glimmers of heaven
onto the black canvas of earth?
How can I be a thief like the moon,
stealing attention from the abyss?

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