Deeper Life: Learning to lovingly disagree with others

Do opinions need to be boxing gloves?

Why can’t they be flowers?

What if we’re all part of a bouquet

in the hands of God?

What if we each have a unique

color, texture, scent

and reason

for being placed

exactly where we are?

Can’t we begin to see our differences

as compliments

to each other’s strengths,

instead of threats?

We won’t stop fighting until we realize

we all

grow under the same sun.

We’re all

chosen by the same God.

Unfortunately, important topics like politics, religion and parenting tend to bring out the worst in us. Too often, discussions turn into arguments filled with blame, accusations and personal attacks. Our egos want to be “right” and are all too happy to make the other side “wrong,” which only provokes more animosity.

Next time a touchy subject comes up with someone you disagree with – instead of attacking their viewpoint, I encourage you to listen with the intent of understanding where they’re coming from. Think of them as a flower that grew in a different field than you – no doubt, they have a reason for believing what they do. Whether or not you ever agree with them, at least you will build a bridge of communication and potentially increase their openness to hearing your viewpoint as well.

God, help us resist the temptation to attack people, who have different viewpoints than us. Give us a spirit of peace and self control, when faced with difficult conversations. Help us remember that you created all of us in Your image and likeness. Fill us with a spirit of understanding, compassion and love for others, no matter how strongly we disagree with their choices and opinions.  

Have you had a difficult conversation recently, with someone who you disagreed with on a hot button topic? How did you handle it? Comment below, and I’ll keep you in my prayers! 


Written by Nicky Gant for


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