Unite in Prayer for Peace

Creator of heaven and earth,

Thank You for loving each and every one of us.

Forgive us for ways we have harmed each other in our humanity.

Today, I ask that you apply peace like a soothing balm to our aching world.

Heal hearts that long for You.

Through hearts, soothe families.

Through families, soothe communities.

Through communities, soothe nations.

Pour peace like raindrops over souls.

Douse fires of animosity, fear and prejudice.

Flood hearts with gentleness, compassion and mercy.

Wash away every barrier of conflict, violence and hatred.

Cleanse our world of darkness until all of Your children

are fully united in Your light.

In Jesus name we pray,



What area of conflict are you praying for in particular? Comment below, and I’ll be happy to lift your intention in prayer.  

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