Prayer for my daughter before she’s born

God, thank you for the gift of this little girl, who is growing inside of me. As you shape and mold her from the very beginning of her life as part of our family, please bless her to know her worth as one of Your beloved daughters.

Gift her with a healthy body and brilliant mind.

Bless her with the gift of faith that moves mountains, discernment to hear Your guidance and the courage to follow you always.

Fill her with confidence, wisdom and joy all the days of her life.

Shape her to be a powerful woman, who makes a positive impact in the world just by being herself.

Surround her with loving, supportive people. Open doors for her to live her dreams.

Guide and guard her all the days of her life.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Are you pregnant with a little girl (or boy for that matter?) Comment below, and I’ll be happy to lift you in prayer. 

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