Unite in Prayer for Teachers

Thank You God for the gift of every single teacher, who truly cares about our young people. Please bless educators in a special way today. Help them to feel appreciated for all they do for our kids on a daily basis.

Build a supportive, encouraging community around every teacher, Lord. Move mountains to provide them with all the resources they need to effectively educate each child in their care, regardless of how diverse their needs are from each other’s. 

Grace teachers with the gift of inner peace and patience to deal with curve balls from students, families and policies, which affect their ability to do their job. Fan the flames of hope in them, even in the face of adversity. Give them a spirit of strength and perseverance to never give up on a single child. 

Give teachers a heart to see each student as a gift, especially the ones coming from difficult backgrounds, who are hardest to reach. Grace them with empathy and wisdom to understand each child, so they can develop effective strategies for those, who most need them.  

Help educators to fully realize the powerful role they play in kids’ lives. Provide a steady stream of inspiration to maximize the positive impact they can make in creative ways.

Fill them with motivation, drive and energy to keep up with all their responsibilities to their students, families and personal lives – work wonders through, them Lord. Multiply the effectiveness of their efforts, and bless all areas of their lives for Your glory.

Through their busy days, be with them as their comforter, counselor and guide. Work through educators in powerful ways, so Your love can be deeply felt by students- even in schools, where teachers aren’t technically allowed to share their faith. 

Reward and bless teachers for their efforts on behalf of children, so all the love they give comes back to them as greater blessings than they can even hope for or dream of.

In Jesus name we pray,


Are you or is someone you love a teacher? Comment below with a school or teacher’s name along with a particular need, and I’ll be happy to lift you all up in prayer. Thank you, and God bless. 


prayer for teachers

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