Spiritual Journey: When You’re Feeling Vulnerable

I wish I could whisper to the caterpillar

about transformation.

After she crawls into her cocoon,

while she’s turning into mush,

before she’s heard a word about wings.

As she begins the process of fully digesting herself, 

I want to tell her it’s okay

to be nothing right now. 

I want to tell her she was right

to follow that deep longing,

that primal instinct to hide herself

in the silence.

While she’s losing herself

in this ancient, sacred process

she knows nothing about,

I want to help her believe

in what she’s about to gain

and that it will be worth it.

God loves when we’re brave enough

to become like vulnerable goo,

putty in His magical hands. 

He’s always planning wings

more marvelous than the last pair,

always waiting until we’re ready

to let us fly.

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