Deeper Life: Invite the fullness of Christ into Your heart

When You look into my heart,
I hope you see
an opening
and enough space
to feel welcome
in the fullness of Your Divinity.

I am trying
to make room
for ALL of You …

I want Your mysterious peace,
your creativity,
your big dreams,
Your seemingly impossible plans,
Your victory ….

I want You to rush into my soul
like a river,
wild and free
in the fullness
of Your majesty …

I want You to carve
Grand Canyons into me,
depths that reflect
the truth about
Your glory.

I hope
You use me
to create miracles,
to fill souls with peace,
to bring home
the lost sheep,
to love those,
who are most in need.

I am trying
to make room
for ALL of You
in my heart,

Teach me to
trust You
with everything else.

1 Samuel 16:7 “Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the LORD looks into the heart.”

Are you open to receive the fullness of God’s love in Your heart? What doubts, fears and attachments are holding you back from embracing His bold and beautiful plan for your life? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord in these dark times, help us seek Your Light. As we face frightening circumstances, help us to focus on Your faithfulness, which is unchanging. Bless us with a faith bigger than any fears, doubts and attachments we are holding onto. Give us the grace to welcome every drop of Your love and goodness into our hearts and souls, so we can pour Your miraculous blessings into the world around us. In Jesus name, we pray.


written by Nicky Gant for 3/24/2020



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