The best podcasts to strengthen your faith

Find yourself with a little extra time at home lately? Here is a list of my favorite faith building podcasts to use while social distancing or anytime! Personally, I like to listen and be encouraged, while folding laundry or doing other mundane tasks like the dishes as part of my daily routine. It’s amazing how much you can learn for free online these days!

Discerning Hearts

When I have the rare opportunity to give my full attention to a podcast in a quiet house, my absolute favorite is Discerning Hearts. With pure Ignatian Spirituality and an emphasis on the wisdom of the Saints and doctors of the Catholic Church, this podcast brilliantly dives deep into the heart of the mystery of faith, where our personal struggles intersect with invitations to deeper spirituality.

Blessed is She: The Gathering Place

If you want to be inspired by some incredibly deep, gracious and spirited faith-filled women, who share openly about their highs and lows along the spiritual pathway, you will love this podcast.

Word on Fire Show

Bishop Robert Barron is just plain brilliant and gifted at infusing his intellectual knowledge of scripture with deep spiritual wisdom and awareness of cultural trends. I find myself going back to his work again and again, always being challenged to learn something new.

Abiding Together

If you want to get real talk with wise, deep, knowledgeable faith-filled girlfriends, who aren’t afraid to get real about emotions and challenges we all encounter on our spiritual journeys through life, you will love this podcast like I do!

Joel Osteen

If you need a pure, crisp pat on the back and word of encouragement, Joel Osteen is like a breath of fresh air, and so are his wife and kids, who contribute to the podcast regularly. My kids even key in on their crystal clear way of preaching the gospel and seem to glean wisdom and takeaways from the simple biblical presentation.

Father Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz is young, cool and gifted in explaining prayer, the spiritual life and Catholicism in an understandable way, which I think is relatable. I really appreciate his take on things

Another Name for Everything with Richard Rohr
Homilies with Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr is an outstanding teacher of contemplative prayer. I find his podcasts to be soothing, wise, deep and enormously needed in our fast-paced world, which has forgotten how to slow down and be with the Spirit in prayer. I especially appreciate the emphasis on finding balance between contemplation and social justice-oriented action.

The Potter’s Touch
Bishop T.D. Jakes Ministry

Oh how I love the soulful, powerful love of God expressed by T.D. Jakes! His podcast is energetic, encouraging and on- of-a-kind!

Divine Intimacy Radio

This husband-wife duo of Spiritual Directors are worth listening to, especially if you’re interested in Catholicism, discernment of spirits, inner healing work and the lives of the Saints! I don’t agree with their take on everything but find their work to be valuable and find myself coming back for more from time to time.

What are your favorite faith-building podcasts? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Lord thank you for all the amazing resources people create, which help us stay connected to YOU through good and bad times of life. Please bless all those, who share their faith with the intent to draw others closer to Your unending love! In Jesus name, we pray Amen.


written by Nicky Gant for 3/25/2020



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