Christmas Manger Prayer (for Jesus to be born safely in our hearts today)

Jesus, With all the chaos of celebrating the season, it’s easy to forget You were born in a manger because King Herod was trying to kill you, due to being threatened by the prophecies of Your power. I adore the way God guided You to safety in Bethlehem through Mary and Joseph’s obedience as refugees. It’s […]

Christmas prayer

Jesus, all I want for Christmas is the purity of Your presence in my heart. Please fill me with Your wholehearted joy, Your delight, Your truth, Your freedom, Your courage, Your clarity, Your power, and Your unconditional love. Thank You for all that You are and all that you offer us throughout the year and especially […]

Expect great things from the Lord

This week for the first and last time, all three of my sons were in the same Christmas program at school. My eldest had overcome many fears to take on a lead role, and I had volunteered to work with the kids on their lines so was personally invested in many of them-I was looking […]

Encouragement! For those, who are grieving loved ones during the holiday season.

Like the shimmering transcendence of tinsel on the tree, this season I pray your spirit is decorated with a pristine spiritual sense of the Lord’s loving presence with you through every tradition. May your family be covered with the gorgeous glory of His grace, joy and infinite peace. I pray you feel a sweet mystical connection […]

Advent prayer

In the messy manger of our hearts, help us prepare for Your Majesty to be born again. We don’t deserve You, but we long for Your miraculous presence to transform us with the power of Your innocence. Thank You for making Yourself at home in our souls. Thank You for loving us as we are. Thank […]