Keep praying

You’re not wasting time …

You’re not living in a fantasy…

You’re not leaving the real work for someone else.

When you open your heart in prayer,

you enter an invisible battlefield not everyone knows about.

It takes courage to stand in faith against the darkness –

I hope you persevere in the light.

Your efforts may be invisible,

but the outcome will impact everything we see.

Living for eternity

We’d like to think it’s about marching into the world like soldiers

and taking control,

but it’s not:

It’s about letting go.

To manifest our highest potential in this world,

we must hand ourselves over to the designs of Another.

Our agendas are small-minded specs,

compared to the glory of His expanse.

I hope you open your heart in prayer –

I hope you live big and say yes.

I hope you let Infinite Wisdom stretch you

into a vessel of Divine Truth.


The hard part

Did you notice how violently the tractor pulverizes the soil before planting?

Before they can ever dream of feeding people,

seeds need a soft place to grow.

We want to nourish others with God’s love,

but we aren’t willing to be treated like He was.

It’s all part of the process.


Becoming peace

If you want to be covered in chaos,

go ahead and bathe in it –

it’s easy to do, just soak in the news and talk to people.

If you want peace,

you need to shut out the world for a little while.

Maybe leave a little window open, so you can know what’s going on out there …

But you need to be fierce about creating a quiet space to contemplate

and welcome a visit from the Divine.

You need to be intentional about opening your heart to invite

God’s infinite love to heal your life.

I’m telling you, it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

He’ll pour grace over your crown like pure water

for as long as it takes to clear your mind …

before You know it, you’ll be covered in wisdom, knowledge and miracles …

you’ll be filled with power and strength –

you’ll glow from within,

ready to march back into the world as an agent of change.

God makes peace out of people,

Then He radiates out of us to heal the world.

Will you allow Him to work through you?

Saying yes to God

When He tells you to rest, take a break.

When He tells you to stand in faith, keep your chin up.

When He tells you to march, go to the ends of the earth.

There are many voices in this world,

but only One that truly loves you …

There are many paths you can take,

but only One that leads to freedom …

Can you hear the whisper of His calling?

Do you have the courage to ignore what everyone else is saying?

Will you follow Him into the fullness of Life?

Tuning into the melody of the soul

I was good enough at doing the tap dance of the world –

I knew how to hustle and please and survive.

But the moment I sensed a more ethereal melody

rising up from the depths of my being like a sunrise …

As soon as I experienced perfect harmony and a

mysterious connection to the beauty beyond me –

I chose to stop dancing like someone was chasing me.

I allowed the divine symphony to fill my soul completely,

and I’ve been at His mercy ever since.

Why exhaust my soul putting on a show to please others,

when I can be fine-tuned as an instrument of grace

by a power greater than myself?

I say yes, and I am fully alive in spirit.

I say yes, and I get to flow the perfect song of His love

into a brokenhearted world.

Job description

Writing poetry feels exactly like taking care of children.

Ideas keep running up to me

“Mom Mom, write me first”

I have to take a deep breath and tell everybody to

wait their turn …

it’s exhausting and wonderful,

my heart is full.