Encouragement to share your gifts

What if a storm cloud refused to rain?

Would it stay dark forever?

How heavy would it get?

How many flowers would miss their chance to bloom,

waiting for water that never fell?


What if you refuse to share your heart with the world?

Will it feel dark forever?

How heavy will it get?

Who will miss their chance to flourish,

waiting for grace that never poured out of you?







Grace like a game of hearts

In cards,

when you find yourself losing a game of hearts,

you can secretly decide to accept it-

it’s called shooting the moon.

If you manage to lose completely,

you actually win-

it’s a path to victory.

In faith,

when you find your heart aching from the trials of life,

you can secretly decide to accept it –

it’s called surrender.

If you manage to fully let go,

you can embrace God’s plan-

and stand with Him in victory.

Lord, thank You for calling us ever deeper into Your mystery. Please give us the grace to let go of our attachment to the physical to more fully embrace Your spiritual presence in our lives.  

Related Scripture

Luke 17:33 Whoever tries to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it.

Miracles and Mysteries

When my infant son Dylan was miraculously healed of kidney disease after being prayed over by a healing priest, I was on fire with the Holy Spirit. My prayers had been answered in a profound way, and my world had been rocked.

Where before I had believed in God and prayed for healing miracles, now I had witnessed one first hand and had had an undeniable mystical experience, which profoundly increased my faith in God’s presence with us on earth. My life was changed forever.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: “God heals! Miracles happen!” When I did start telling people what happened, I quickly realized that sharing faith is about more than just miracle stories.

People have very real, very deep emotions and even anger at God, due to the unanswered prayers of their own lives. Many people doubt that God heals today like He did when He walked the earth. Instead of being the inspiration I hoped for, I learned that sharing miracle stories can trigger pain, anger, doubt, grief and other primal unprocessed emotions in many people, which need to be worked through.

I think this is understandable. Though I have been blessed with the gift of faith through trials, I have certainly gone through the gamut of emotions about seemingly unanswered prayers over the years.  Grief isn’t an easy process, and many people get stuck in it and lose their faith along the way.

I’ve realized that sharing faith with others is about more than sharing the spiritual highs and miracles we are blessed with. Though miracles can increase hope, truly sharing faith requires us to walk with people through pain, connecting to them on an emotional level through the trials of life and supporting their efforts to seek God through it all.

This is ultimately what Jesus did on the cross. In taking on the fullness of human suffering and even injustice, He emotionally and mystically connected with every human experience in order to redeem our relationship with God.

God has always tried to draw people to Him by connecting with us, wherever we are emotionally. For example in the Psalms, we are blessed with the full expresssion of every human emotion in right relationship to God. They help us realize that nothing we go through is new or unique – suffering is just a normal part of the spiritual journey, as are glorious unfathomable miracles.

As Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.”

Through my writing over time, I hope to share the fullness of the trials and joys of what it really means to walk in a life of faith. Hopefully I’ll connect with some aching hearts along the way and help them open up to the infinite miraculous possibilities, which are born of faith.

What experiences have you had with miracles and unanswered prayers? Comment below, and I’ll lift you in prayer, wherever you’re at on your faith journey. God bless you to live a life rich with faith and miracles, even through hard times. 

Tinsel Prayer (For those, who are grieving loved ones during the holiday season).

Like the shimmering transcendence of tinsel on the tree,

this season I pray your spirit

is decorated with a pristine spiritual sense

of the Lord’s loving presence with you through every tradition.

May your family be covered with the gorgeous glory of His grace,

joy and infinite peace.

I pray you feel a sweet mystical connection

with Your loved ones, who are celebrating Christmas with Him in heaven.

In Jesus name,


Are you grieving the loss of a loved one this holiday season? Comment below, and we’ll lift you all up in prayer! 


Unanswered prayers

While my head was bowed in despair from grief,

under the cover of darkness-

God lifted me into the journey of a lifetime.

Across a vast, deep canyon,

through still waters

He carried me

into greater beauty-

wisdom and


I was blind,

but now safely on the other side,

I see.

I wanted life to be easier –

now I’m grateful for unanswered prayers

and a God, who works in the pitch black night of the soul

to deliver us

into His greater glory.


When you’re in darkness

Until you have the courage to enter darkness,

You can’t bring the light.

We think it’s the end of the world when we suffer,

but the Truth is:

God gives us opportunities to illuminate the shadows with His love.

Isn’t that what you wanted all along?

Didn’t you pray to be of service?

Didn’t your whole heart long to heal the world?

When you said yes to His calling,

you just didn’t know it would be so hard.

I’m here to tell you:

Really, everything’s going to be okay.

On a level you can’t see,

everything really is already amazing.

Just hang in there, and keep praying –

shine in the darkness,

hold onto your faith.

When He delivers you out of this,

and you experience the perfection of the culmination of His plan,

you’ll be amazed by your greater capacity to radiate love.

Stay open to possibilities

Sometimes we’re like dry earth cracking,

parched and waiting

for rain to fall from the skies-

we can’t make it happen.

All we can do is ache

and hang on,

gazing up to the heavens-

praying for better days.

I’m here to encourage you:

the deluge will come at the perfect time-

just don’t give up.

Faith is being grateful for an outpouring of love in advance and

opening your parched self up to receive it,

reaching for it with every aching thing you’ve got

and praying the same for others.

Imagine how mercy will feel washing over your soul,

and keep hope.

Keep opening your heart into the clear blue skies,

until the floodgates open.

You are destined to be showered with grace.

You are destined to become a sanctuary of new growth.

You are a glorious garden of infinite possibilities.


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