The power of moms who pray

Is there anything more powerful than a mother who prays?

She doesn’t look like much, I know-

on bended knee, alone

But isn’t there something about a woman who opens her heart to the Lord?

who is brave enough to realize her own vulnerability in loving these people so much?

who is strong enough to admit she can’t raise them alone?


Is there anything more powerful than a mother who puts her trust in the Lord?

She seems a little crazy, I know-

asking for help from invisible people.

But isn’t there something about a woman who is wise enough to let go of her illusions of control?

who is brave enough to admit that even her love for them isn’t enough?

who is strong enough to believe a sacred truth she can feel deep in her soul?


What about a group of mothers who pray together?

Busy women, who take time out of their schedules to meet each week,

entrusting each other and God with their concerns?


What about the mothers, who are brave enough

to unite in faith and friendship,

lifting each other up and praying

as passionately for the needs of each other’s children as their own?


What about a group of women,

who open their hearts to lift up the needs of a larger family,

a school?

an entire community?

children they may never know?

How powerful can they be?


I’m not kidding myself.

I know that even together, we don’t have the strength to move mountains or part seas-

But I also know a deeper truth.

United in prayer as mothers,

we can absolutely expect to see God create a steady stream of miracles

that bring healing to a broken world.

a mother's prayers move mountains

Prayer invites the power of God into our lives. Who is more qualified for a life of prayer than a mother, who loves her children unconditionally, wants the very best for them and really needs help because she lives in a broken world?

As women of faith, we have many great examples of powerful, praying women starting with Mother Mary herself and including saints and faithful women we are blessed to know in our own lives. Saint Monica is a wonderful example. Her persistence in prayer for her wayward son Augustine sparked his ultimate conversion, which allowed him to become a great saint and doctor of the Catholic church. Once, a bishop told her “Go away now; but hold on to this: it is inconceivable that he should perish, a son of tears like yours.”

What was true for Saint Monica is true for all of us. If we truly open our hearts to the Lord with our hopes for our children and persist in prayer through the trials of life, God will work powerfully in their lives over time.

Whatever stage of motherhood we’re in, we can always make time for prayer. When our kids are little, we can pray on long drives, waiting in car pool lines or while rocking them to sleep. As they grow, we can choose to prioritize early morning prayer time and possibly give up other hobbies or commitments to make prayer a priority in our lives. The more we prioritize prayer, the more we learn to “pray without ceasing” as we go about our days, like we’re advised to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Prayer groups are a powerful way to stay motivated to a life of prayer.  Though prayer is always good, teaming up with other praying moms can be an especially powerful way to grow spiritually and gain prayer support for your children, while supporting other families as well. In Matthew 18 19-20, Jesus said “Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. For where two or three gather together in my name, there am I with them.”

If you don’t have a prayer group yet, I highly recommend. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Simply invite a few faith filled friends, and try to find a time that flows naturally with your existing schedule. For example, mine meets every Monday morning after we drop our older kids off at school. We simply go around the circle sharing whatever prayer intentions are on our heart, especially for our kids, school and faith community but including global and personal needs as well. Then, we pray the rosary, while passing around babies and redirecting busy toddlers to play nice. It works! And is deeply rewarding.

If you don’t feel comfortable praying the rosary, Moms in Prayer International has a wonderful ecumenical format for creating a Christian prayer group in your area. I encourage you to check out their Web site at, and contact them for support in creating your very own moms in prayer group.

God bless praying mothers! Increase our faith and help us realize the importance of our work as prayer warriors. Bless and energize our efforts in prayer, so we can experience God working powerfully in the lives of their children and grow in faith even more. Also Lord, help us find other praying moms, who we can lean on and support. Surround us with loving, supportive faith community and prayer groups to more fully nurture and support their children, families and communities. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.  

Are you a praying mom? Do you have a moms prayer group yet? What’s stopping you from starting one? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to encourage you and lift you in prayer. 

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