Deeper Life: Live With Intentionality

What do you do with your love in this broken world?

Who do you pour it into?

Why did you choose those particular people?

What form does your love take?

How much do you hold back out of fear there won’t be enough left for yourself?

Where do you go to replenish your supply?

Are you loving as much as you possibly can?

Across all the spiritual traditions I’ve ever encountered, one thing is clear: Love is the most important thing. Jesus Himself said “Above all else, love each other deeply.” In the bible, we are taught that God is Love.

As individuals with different gifts, talents, callings and life circumstances, it can take effort to get clear on how we ourselves are called to express God’s love in the world. We can share love through service in our careers, volunteer work, our families, prayer, the arts and even just random acts of kindness. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever we’re doing at any given moment, the question is: are we operating from a spirit of fear or love? The more conscious we are of the motivations underlying our actions, the more we are able to clearly discern what God’s Love is calling us to in each and every moment and the more we can allow His love to flow through us into the world.

How are you called to express God’s love in the world? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord, Fill us with Your Everlasting Love, so it can flow through us into this broken world. Help us find ways to use the unique personalities, gifts, talents and life experiences as opportunities to love.

Written by Nicky Gant 2/22/2019 for

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